Lists Of Audacity Plugins

Lists Of Audacity Plugins With Links

Really there is nothing like Audacity for voice Recording. While those who have spent small fortunes on paid equipment will claim superiority, the developers of Audacity have made it incredibly powerful and development work is ongoing. The number of plugins it is able to utilize is staggering, and exceeds what any voiceover artist would ever need. It is very easy to download and install

Frequently people who don't use Audacity talk about it's lmitations incorrectly.
Just for illustration here is a partial list of effects and tools:

Generate plug-in downloads

List of new plugins

Towards the bottom of the Generate menu in Audacity.

Tone Generators

Buzz tone generator
DTMF Tones (random)
DTMF Tones

Noise Generators

Harmonic Noise

Special Effects

Binaural Tones with Surf 2


Fire and Explosion sounds
Pluck (Hz)
Risset Bell

Sequence Generators

SQ1 Generator Sequencer

Generator Utilities

Nyquist Generate Prompt
Tuning Fork
Variable Duration Silence Generator

Effect plug-in downloads

 At the bottom of the Effect menu in Audacity.

Amplify, Mix and Pan Effects

Amplify Left or Right Channel
Bass to Center
Center Pan Remover
Channel Mixer
Cross Fade In
Cross Fade Out
Fade In and Out
Panning (LFO)
Panning (random)
Ramp Panning
Repair Channel
Stereo Butterfly (static)
Stereo Butterfly (LFO)
Stereo Butterfly (ramp)
Stereo Widener

Delay and Reverb 

Bouncing Ball Delay
Bouncing Ball Delay with Panning
Bouncing Ball Delay with Tone Shift
Reverse Bouncing Ball Delay
Reverse Bouncing Ball Delay with Tone Shift
Chimes delay
Delay BPM with Panning
Delay with High-Pass Filter
Delay with Low-Pass filter
Delay with Pitch Change
Delay with Stereo Flip
Delay with Tone Shift

Distortion Effects

Harmonic Enhancer
Tape Saturation Limiter

Dynamics Processing

Broadcast Limiter II
Broadcast Limiter III
Limiter (2)
Noise Gate
Pop Mute
Text Envelope


Band Stop Filter
Chebyshev Type I Filter
Classic EQ
Comb Filter
Customizable EQ
Desk EQ
High-Pass Filter with q
High Pass Filter (LFO)
Hum Remover
Low-Pass Filter (LFO)
Low-Pass Filter with Q
Multiband EQ
Notch Filter
Parametric EQ
Random Low-Pass Filter
Resonant Filter
Shelf Filter
Ten Band EQ

Modulation Effects

Dual Tape Decks
Flanger (linear)
Isochronic modulator
Random Amplitude Modulation
Random Pitch Modulation
Ring modulator
Variable Tremolo

Sequencer Effects

Audio Selection Sequencer 2

Time, Pitch and Tempo

Change Speed by Semitones
Extract Audio
Insert Silence
Regular interval audio splitter
Sliding Speed Change
Tempo Change
Time Shifter
Trim / Extend
Trim Silence
Turntable Warping MS

Analyze plug-in downloads 

towards the bottom of the Analyze menu in Audacity.

All plug-ins

ACX Check
Peak Finder rft
Pitch Detect
Regular Interval Labels
Selection Duration

Nyquist plug-ins shipped with current Audacity

The following 26 Nyquist plug-ins are shipped with the current Audacity version. You can read about what each plug-in does on Index of Effects, Generators and Analyzers in the Audacity Manual.
  • adjustable-fade.ny
  • beat.ny
  • clipfix.ny
  • crossfadeclips.ny
  • crossfadetracks.ny
  • delay.ny
  • equalabel.ny
  • highpass.ny
  • limiter.ny
  • lowpass.ny
  • notch.ny
  • pluck.ny
  • rhythmtrack.ny
  • rissetdrum.ny
  • sample-data-export.ny
  • sample-data-import.ny
  • SilenceMarker.ny
  • SoundFinder.ny
  • SpectralEditMulti.ny
  • SpectralEditParametricEQ.ny
  • SpectralEditShelves.ny
  • StudioFadeOut.ny
  • tremolo.ny
  • vocalrediso.ny
  • vocalremover.ny (legacy)
  • vocoder.ny