Ribbon Microphone For Voiceover?

MXL R144 Ribbon Microphone
While for many years ribbon mics fell into disfavor for voiceover, although they were widely used in broadcasting. The first thing to know is that ribbon microphones can be damaged by phantom power, turn off phantom power in your preamp. They tend to have a bit of a light signal, so a pre with robust signal gain will be worth while in the long run,
The element in a ribbon mic is really a ribbon: a tiny ribbon of corrugated metal that floats in a magnetic field.ribbons are figure-8 mics.  The sound of a ribbon mic is mellow and rounded, warm, with a gently rolled off top end that contrasts dramatically with the forward sound of most dynamics and the crystalline, trebly sound of condensers.
 Nothing sounds quite like a ribbon,anything directly behind the mic will be just as loud as  the front. Use these mics either in a booth where reflections into the rear of the mic will be minimal, or even better, in a nice-sounding room where reflections from the rear walls can add character to the vocal signal.remember that figure-8 mics display the strongest proximity effect of any polar pattern. You’ll be able to widely vary the bass content of your recording by having him adjust his distance from the mic. Experiment with turning the mic slightly, too: as off-axis response changes, the tone of the recorded vocal will change possibly in a way you can use.

MXL R150 Ribbon Microphone


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