MicSwap -Studio Microphone Emulator & Recorder

Check out Micswap in the app store here
For my recommended gear for podcasts I think MicSwap has me. It's the only app of it's type that I would pay $13.99 for the pro version. Why? It makes your stock OEM built in microphone on the IPhone sound like a studio mic. Of course you can use an external USB type microphone as well.
Granted, I just got the IPhone 6s Plus, so maybe I'm coming around because of a better internal mic. All those attachable USB mic's I was just talking about? Umm, well, I don't need them. I still have a studio mic for special occasions, but, if I can pull off voiceover jobs with this combo, well, it's our little secret. We'll see.
 There are zillions of mic emulations to chose from in the paid version. The file can be shipped out by email to audacity or transferred easily to Liggett Recorder with it's compressor and reverb, or the Audiomaster, the sister product to MicSwap that can give the audio a light makeover for free. Note that the Liggett App does not support exporting in the free version. Paid version is 4.99 US
MicSwap is a Studio, Mic Modeler & Recorder for iOS.
Yes it comes with it's own studio sounds.
Record using custom mic emulations. Record or audio and change its sound. Adjust the input of any microphone.
Color label your recordings and much more!
Sorry Awesome Voice Recorder there is trouble in paradise!
Use with other apps as an AU, Audiobus or IAA input or effect. Insert MicSwap pro as an effect to run other sounds through it adjusting the gain and changing it's sound.
MicSwap Pro allows you to connect an external microphone or interface. Use it live or in the studio, or as it's own studio.
 MicSwap - Mic Emulator & Recorder for iOS.  Check out Micswap in the app store here

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