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Possibly Lewitt Recorder App-
When it comes to portability for voiceover or interviews- there are many types of voice recorder that render a reasonably high quality audio recording for voiceover work or demos, and for interviewing. It's quite possible that for most ultimate applications you can't tell the difference in quality, excepting the presence of background noise if any. If the background noise can be nearly eliminated, they provide perfectly useful audio content.

First there are the apps for smartphones that allow voice recording. Some are able to a degree of acting as an audio editor like Audacity. However, almost all that I know of allow email or bluetooth transfer of files to a PC or Apple product where Audacity can be used. It seems shortsighted to try to edit audio on a small mobile screen. 

I use the free versions of Awesome Voice Recorder app AVR, or RecorderHQ, both on my iPhone.  I send completed files to my PC by email, download them, and edit in Audacity,

AVR app has a choice of three microphone emulations on the free version which is fun and handy. Recorder HQ seems to leave as is the standard IPhone frequency meddling, which adds intelligibility to phone conversations in noisy locations, but filters out  some of the lower frequencies(ie:bass). I would get the AVR app. The bottom left mic on the iPhone 4 is ridiculously good when the frequency meddling is taken out. Yes I'm still using my IPhone 4. Presumably later versions have above average mics as well. It's important to determine which mic is doing the recording, as Iphones have 3 mics. Bottom left for IPhone 4.

 There are also adapters to use good specially made microphones with iPhone which is a really great thing. Selection is limited, but IK Multimedia makes a mic cabinet emulator that can give you a number of microphone types by name, but only in the paid version.

IK Multimedia's iRig Mic StudioiRig Mic Studio - Large-diaphragm digital condenser microphone for iOS, Android and Mac/PC-Click on ad.
Mic Room - Microphone-modeling tool that puts a world-class collection of over 20 classic and contemporary microphones at your fingertips.
Sony, Olympus, and Philips make good handheld voice recorders that in my opinion don't have much on the IPhone. 

Another good app is Lewitt voice recorder, with built-in editing, reverb, compressor. How do they fit it in an iPhone? Those Australians are bright, but I don't really recommend it because you can't export audio files without buying the app. I would buy it without a doubt but as I said, I prefer to export to PC and work on Audacity if just for the smart easy built in Noise Reduction plugin. The image on the top of this post may be of Lewitt recorder, it looks like it, but I'm not sure.

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