Raw Unedited CAD U37 Voice Recording Microphone Test

CAD U37 microphone TEST

Raw unedited CAD U37

microphone TEST,  an imperfect voice recording test of some Hadoop HDFS technical manual text made with CAD U37 microphone on Audacity and exported directly to website. Hear the raw sound of the CAD U37 for voice recording. Got to love this mic for under 50 dollars US in some (most) places. I find the sound much warmer and complete, compared to the AT-2020+ which made my voice sound somewhat shrill. Maybe it's too accurate for me!

The AT 2020+ is probably an outstanding microphone for certain people, and you should consider it even though I'm not crazy about it. It seems very good for female voices and those who don't depend on a deeper bass component. The price is a little higher than the CAD U37 but the quality of the actual body of the mic may be slightly better. Except for the screen, the CAD U37 is made of plastic which deeply concerned me, but having used it repeatedly it sounds so good that I have pretty much forgotten about the construction.

I saw in a recent review that a shortcoming is the lack of a monitor function. I don't use monitoring at all when recording. My theory is this, if your voice doesn't sound right in the headphones, it's already been recorded that way. I challenge the notion that you need monitoring to tell when you're "off" anyway. Most flubs are obvious, and a sudden shift to nasally whining is probably going to be noticed by yourself sans headphones. If you doubt any of this just try recording a few hours without earphones, and you will develop the skills you need to self regulate.
What I like about it is it's strong cardioid directionality, which cuts out a lot of reflected room echo, and the large diaphragm which makes my voice richer and warmer.

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