Easily Edit Video Sound With Audacity

How To Easily Edit Sound On Videos With Audacity:

To edit the quality of sound on videos, ie: compression, equalization, normalization, amplification, pseudo-stereo etc. This does not include removing sections of audio and maintaining synch. Just so you know.

First download Any Video Converter Free. Set your output folder to desktop (you want to output to a different location than the original video, so it is not overwritten by accident), set conversion to Divx AVI, import what you've got and click on convert. If it's already AVI format this won't be necessary, of course.

Open the resulting AVI with Audacity, which it will do quite handily, and have your way with the audio, remembering not to delete any sections or change tempo. Keep it exactly the same length or you will have great difficulty synching.

Export the resulting file as MP3- if you don't have Lame you will need it.

Download Virtual Dub from their Sourceforge website. The owner says to use the 32 bit version normally. I'm using the 32 bit version on a 64 bit machine with no apparent problems.
Install it, and open your AVI file (video). Click on "audio from other file", in options synch to video and find and import the MP3 you worked on a little while ago. Select play and it should almost synch exactly.

That's it. Video to follow soon.

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