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Works great, crisp sound on audio recordings, offers conversion to MP3 when you export M4A, not sure what is included in paid version but I haven't missed it. Exports by email, open on your PC, download and right into Audacity,
make your iPhone or iPad an voice recorder. We support record mp3 m4a and wav format directly. Sharing audio files to iCloud Drvie, Dropbox, Google Drive and OneDrive. • support audio file upload or download from SoundCloud • support transfer large file via USB in iTunes, just connect your iPhone to PC. • Transferring audio file via WIFI is easy. No restriction at all. • support sending file via whatsapp( try open in other application feature) • Multiple sample rate from 8000hz to 44100hz • support trim audio file, merge multiple audio files. • Save audio file to camera roll • Support aif,wav,m4a and caf and mp3 file format. • Share audio files to facebook. • Support pause,forward,rewind. • export file via iTunes, email. • Organize you voice files in folder. • support background recording and playback. • support bluetooth microphone. • iCloud,Airplay support. • support open in feature, you can open the voice in other application, such as dropbox,google drive,good reader. • support sending audio file to Dropbox, Evernote. Google Drive & Youtube, SoundCloud • support sending voice to other device via bluetooth or wifi. • transfer files from iphone to pc via wifi and browser • Convert files into Mp3 format(CBR, VBR support) • Convert files into ringtone format Premium Features 1. Choose recording device(bluetooth, usb). 2. Adjust input gain. 3. Real time monitor. 4. Stereo meter. 5. Advertisement free. . RecorderHQ - Audio recorder for cloud drive Support.

Description LEWITT Recorder

NOTE WHILE THE INFO SAYS FULLY FUNCTIONAL IT APPEARS YOU HAVE TO GET PAID VERSION IN ORDER TO EXPORT AUDIO. That said, this is a spectacular voice recorder app with compressor and reverb and nearly latency free monitoring. that can be applied while recording as well as a number of other great feature-Monitor recording in progress on headset.


The LEWITT voice recorder  makes it quick and easy to turn your mobile device into a fully equipped recording device.
Alongside basic recording functions, it brings together a multitude of useful tools (wave form display, zoom functions, markers, editing functions, PPM/ RMS metering, etc.).
A well-conceived archiving system makes possible fast and efficient searches. The ability to add notes, ratings, tags and photos to every recording leads to quick and easy handling. And since you can associate photos even with the individual markers within a recording, seeking out “that one special moment” is a snap even weeks later.
The LEWITT Recorder’s export function supports many common consumer and professional formats at numerous bit depths. You can send and share files from your iOS device via E-mail or iTunes file sharing – SoundCloud can be used to release recordings immediately.
Features and Applications
  • High-quality recordings on the go
  • Turns your mobile device into a fully equipped recording device
  • Sample rates and bit depths of up to 96 kHz/32 bit
  • Intuitive and quick-to-use interface - practically self-explanatory
  • Offers a multitude of tools (waveform display, zoom functions, markers, editing functions, PPM/RMS metering, ...)
  • Well-conceived archiving system for fast and efficient searches
  • Add notes, ratings, tags and photos to every recording
  • Associate photos and notes with the individual markers within a recording
  • Export your files in many common consumer and professional formats (mp3, aac, wav, …) at numerous bit depths and sampling rates
  • File transfer via E-mail, iTunes or direct upload to SoundCloud
Top applications
  • Mobile / outdoor recording
  • Sample and demo recording
  • Podcasts and YouTube productions
  • Live concerts
  • Engineered for high quality audio devices

Awesome Voice Recorder App for MP3/WAV/M4A Voice Recording

Really nice full sound, selection of microphones, email export of audio file.
-3 Free Mics are included
-Record through different mics for different sounds
By Newkline Co., Ltd.
Open iTunes to buy and download apps.
AVR is the best voice recording application with cool interface and perfect functions for businesspersons, reporters, tutors, audio experts, sound engineers, school personnel, university students and those who need to manage voice memos.
Support for Apple Watch
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It is available on both iPhones and iPads.
* Main functions
- Direct recording MP3,WAV,M4A audio format
- High quality audio  recording
- Unlimited voice recording time
- Background recording (you can use other apps while recording/ secret recordings possible)
- Wave display for recording status
- Various audio quality options
Sample rate : (11,025KHz, 22,050KHz, 44,100KHz,48,000KHz)
Bit rate (48kbps, 64kbps, 128kbps, 192kbps,256kbps,320kbps)
- Mono/stereo recording
- Records playable in various media
- Restart voice recordings after paused by phone calls
- Add description to voice records
- Fast and easy to use
- Display recording file size
- Safe stop for low battery and storage space
- Bluetooth support
- Support audio formats (MP3,WAV,M4A) HD
- 4 microphone designs. (Professional,Classic,Studio,Studio Pro)
* Powerful file Sharing & Management
- Transfer files using iTunes
- Dropbox / SoundCloud / Box support.
- Email
- AirDrop
- Wi-Fi file management (upload,download,edit...)
- File sharing / send file in another app “Open in”
*Folder management
You can create folders to save and control files
*Repeated, slow or fast play
You play repeatedly, slow or fast.
Replay,Rewind,Forward / 0.1x ~ Play
Fine-tune the playback speed
*Trim audio records
You can trim the voice records as you want.
You can use the left/right pointers to trim the voice records and save it. (mp3,wav,m4a)
*Audio visualization
Voice records are visualized so that you can easily identify voice sections.
Sound visualization
*Sound tag
You can play immediately by adding several tags to one audio file at selected time.
Play at the location of tag
*Sound file combination
You can create one new file out of several audio file.
Create a file by setting play sequence of several files

    MicSwap: Mic Emulator & Recorder

              The Instagram of Audio | A Studio, Mic Modeler + Voice Recorder for iOS | Import & Change the sound of any audio | Adjust the gain of any microphone | Color code your recordings and much more!
    Record and filter new or pre-existing audio. Serious audio engineers, musicians, recording hobbyists...whoever you are, MicSwap is a highly intuitive tool that simulates a real studio environment.
    Choose various microphone emulations, from classic ribbons to modern condensers, and record with the tap of a finger. If you want to tweak the sound, simply swap in another mic and the filter will change. Not feeling the studio you’re in? You can easily switch studios from the menu.
    For an optimal audio experience, please use headphones.
    Use live as you would a vocal or instrument pedal.

    -3 Free Mics are included (Ribbon, Condenser, Dynamic)
    -Record through different mics for different sounds
    -Swap mic filters to alter pre-existing audio
    -Adjust the gain (input) of any microphone
    -Edit or trim recordings
    -Enable / disable live monitoring
    -AU compatible
    -AudioCopy enabled
    -Change backgrounds by swapping studio environments
    -Color label recordings
    -Sort recordings by date, title, duration, mic used, and color
    -Descriptions of each mic & studio (Tap 'S' on mic)
    -Re-order microphones. Put your favorites first.

    iCloud, Dropbox, Facebook, SoundCloud, Twitter, SMS, Email, and Airdrop
    -Import/Export audio over USB or WiFi using iTunes File Sharing

    -Attach and use external mic (w/ MicSwap Pro)
    -Any purchases made are good for all devices

    iOS 7.0 or later iPhone 4, 5, 6, iPod touch, and iPad, ipad 2, ipad air, iPad mini
    iPhone Screenshot 1

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