CAD U37 Test MP3

Made with a CAD U37 on shock mount and swing arm over glass table, no pop shield, no other sound proofing.

Just a practice recording- this is the first and only take. I know the enunciation is off. Give me a break... I wasn't warmed up.
Audacity mic gain turned all the way down and recorded 3 inches from mic. Audacity used to speed tempo without pitch change, EQ upped by 3 db from 1.6K to 2.5 k and 315 Hz, Dyson compressor (downloaded to audacity) set at defaults, Normalized. Breaths reduced using noise reduction and lead-in background noise with noise reduction on residue setting. probably could use more high end.


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Zoom out if you do not see four round indicators and progress bars underneath. Mobile scroll down.


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