My CAD U37 Microphone Home Voice Recorder Studio Setup

Late Night Recording
I thought I would save a couple of images of my home studio for voice recording in action, using my CAD U37 with pop shield and Audacity on my Windows 8 PC.
 I just finished reading 6 hours of a PDF book. More to go! My home studio is just one step better than putting a cardboard box over my head and mic. Hmmm...
I learned to quickly pause Audacity when the trucks go by.
Seriously, I bought an AT2020 USB and I found the AT2020 to be too shrill on the high end, not favoring my deeper voice. Maybe what I really mean to say is I didn't like the sound with my voice. That doesn't mean the mic is shrill necessarily. With very little more money to spend I tried this one (CAD U37) on a whim and I'm very happy with the sound.
It has a bass pad switch and also a full spectrum pad which aren't really useful for voice, but if you record instruments or have a severely deep voice they may come in handy. The switches are basically inset so you can't damage them in your shock mount. The next mic will probably be a CAD GXL2200BP Large Diaphragm Microphone in Black Pearl Chrome. FrontEnd Audio has them for just $99.00 and if the sound is right I can make that work. If you make a purchase through a link on these pages I will get a small commission.'


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