Astonishingly Good Free voice recorder app With Iphone Built In Microphone

When I first saw the dude on Youtube throw a blanket over his head and record on an iPhone, I thought he might be taking an excessive risk of being considered a nut. At this point I've tried close to 20 apps for iPhone that make it possible. Put it together with some skill with audacity, and you have a studio grade demo possible. Yeah well they laughed at Columbus.

The mic we'll use is the bottom mic built into the phone.

The app to use is free RecorderHQ  voice recorder app is an amazing tool that limits audio exports to 15MB but you can join them in Audacity.

Or even  better sound from free AVR (awesome voice recorder) with more options than you will believe. Exports up to 15 MB from previously recorded files.

The Lewitt recorder voice recorder app doesn't export in the free version, but packs a compressor, reverb, and other built-ins as well as pass through monitoring in real time so you can hear your voice as you record. Very cool, and probably the one I'll pay for.

Mic position is critical but for free you can experiment with it until you win.

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