Michael Joly-Octavamodshop

Fascinating microphone Information and products you didn't know you were missing. Basically Michael Joly has been modifying mic's all his life and has a Rode NT1A mod that beats the U87. Among other amazing things.

 RODE NT1/1a mod (for your mic) - 87 Alternative -
download comparison audio.
 Why Microphones Are More Important Than Preamps 
It's all about  intention and energy. I think.

LDC Mic Head Baskets - A Necessary Evil 
 Head basket reflectivity and EFI rejection explained in fun, easy to understand terms. 

FREE DIY ES-58 Mod Get rid of internal audio reflectivity.  

Sourceforge HTML5 Internet Test

Worlds Best Home Internet Speed Test- Works On Almost All Devices

Zoom out if you do not see four round indicators and progress bars underneath. Mobile scroll down.


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