How To Edit Recorded Skype Podcast Audio

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Some research on Google will convince you that the best way to record a podcast with a remote guest is with Skype. But how to deal with the resulting stereo audio? What is it, even? Learn how to easily Edit MOV Podcast Audio Recorded From Skype You will need to install the FFMPEG plugin to do this. This is a standard must have along with Lame MP3 which is found on the same page. All clean, no nonsense.

Open Audacity and Click on File then "open" in Audacity and click on the MOV video/audio file you want to extract your audio podcast from. You'll get a popup that is called select streams to import. Left click and highlight them both, it's a little buggy and might take a moment, but it can be done. Click OK and you will load two tracks, one left and one right from the MOV file. At this point I find the audio to be hot and clipped and click edit-select- all and go to effects-amplify and basicaly de-amplify, in other words set the amplification for a max db of -1 because when you mix and render the tracks it makes it even hotter and clippier.

Now you will go to the tab labeled "Tracks" and select "mix and render". It takes a couple of minutes to show the results and in the meantime there is no indication of progress, so let it go. When Audacity is done with this process you will have one mono track with both speaking parts combined to work with.
I suggest at this point, go to Effects- Normalize and take care of DC Offset only. You now have a mono.

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