CAD U37 Condenser Disc Is Plastic Cover, Latency Fix

I stumbled upon this blog post  by Jeremy (and associated comments) while searching for equivalent microphones to my favorite,the CAD U37. While ultimately the sound of a microphone with your voice is the most important thing, Jeremy discovered while making modifications to add a headphone jack and minimize latency that  that the CAD U37 is a electret type microphone with a plastic cover designed to look like a large condenser disc when viewed through the grill. An electret microphone is a type of electrostatic capacitor-based microphone, which eliminates the need for a polarizing power supply by using a permanently charged material. He says the Rode NT-USB is electret too! Again while the sound of these studio mics might be just fine for your voice or it's intended purpose, doesn't it seem odd that electret isn't mentioned in the spec?
If you have a reason to think  this is bad information please leave a comment, but first check out his page.

See the article and comments by Jeremy at


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On a fascinating aside Jeremy shows install of a microphone jack for nearly latency free recording. 

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