Are You Missing Some Gmail?

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Does some of your Gmail seem to be missing? Maybe you haven't even noticed.

I read an article recently about Google moving a lot of mail from your Primary Inbox to the Promotions and Social tabs.

Well, I hadn't noticed anything wrong but I thought I would take a look. Yes- indeed there was a lot of mail that I really would like to have seen when it came in. I just didn't know it came in. Usually I just check the inbox.

Gmail is in my opinion one of the best deals going, maybe on a par with free Audacity audio editor, but like all things Google, it has to be managed. Kind of like fire. It's very beneficial but it can be dangerous.

If you prefer to read your email rather than warehouse it, click on your Gmail settings gear in the upper right, and select Inbox Settings. Bet you didn't even know it was there. Me neither. Then unclick Promotions and Social, and your old Gmail inbox will be restored. Why won't they leave really good stuff alone?

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