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listen to the "Mic Showdown" https://librivox.org/microphone-showdown-i-wandered-lonely-as-a-cloud-by-william-wordsworth/ which has raw recordings from a number of different devices as a microphone test. It is spectacular in the wide range of devices and microphones tested. This is from Librivox.


Play 01 Acer Laptop MicTriciaG00:01:26
Play 02 AKG120USBMark Nelson00:01:32
Play 03 AKG D40 (vintage)Bev J Stevens00:01:40
Play 04 APEX440Cate Barratt00:01:15
Play 05 Apple iPhone 3GS Model MC133Bchigozie00:01:45
Play 06 Archos Helmet Camcorder for Generation 5 Archos Portable Media PlayersDigital recorder WS400SWarren Jones00:01:31
Play 07 ASUS laptop built-in micLiberty Stump00:01:26
Play 08 Audio-Technica AT2020USBMark Nelson00:01:34
Play 09 Audio Technica Cardioid ATR20Chris Caron00:01:15
Play 10 Blue SnowballMark Mickelson00:01:44
Play 11 Blue SnowflakeDenny Sayers (d. 2015)00:01:52
Play 12 Blue YetiBev J Stevens00:01:36
Play 13 Blue YetiDavid Richardson00:01:28
Play 14 Blue YetiElizabeth Klett00:01:38
Play 15 Blue Yeti, noisy PC fanRuth Golding00:01:41
Play 16 Blue YetiTony Maxey00:01:36
Play 17 Blue Yeti ProSarah Crampton00:01:33
Play 18 CAD U37 USB Studio Condenser Recording MicrophoneWarren Jones00:01:35
Play 19 Capehart crystalBev J Stevens00:01:36
Play 20 Cheap mike and Yamaha mixerAlgy Pug00:01:30
Play 21 ClearChat Logitech USB comboDavid Richardson00:01:33
Play 22 Cyber Acoustics AC101TriciaG00:01:21
Play 23 Editors Keys Studio Series USBCarol Box00:01:46
Play 24 Headset for Skype/VOIPElaine Webb00:01:30
Play 25 HTC HeroLiberty Stump00:01:30
Play 26 iPhone 3GArielle Lipshaw00:01:21
Play 27 iPhone3GSAilina00:01:46
Play 28 iPhone 4thebicyclethief00:01:50
Play 29 iPhone 4David Richardson00:01:49
Play 30 iPod touch 4GMatthew Knight00:01:12
Play 31 Iriver StoryAlgy Pug00:01:27
Play 32 Kensiko analog wandEsther00:01:24
Play 33 Labtec 10$ analog micfrank k00:01:39
Play 34 LG Banter cell phoneEsther00:01:15
Play 35 Logitech USB 5730Algy Pug00:01:30
Play 36 Logitech Webcam 905jas1300:01:45
Play 37 Logitech a0234a with windshieldravenotation00:01:50
Play 38 Logitech a0234a no windshieldravenotation00:01:41
Play 39 Logitech AK5370Frank Booker00:01:30
Play 40 Logitech QuickCam Orbit MPBev J Stevens00:01:34
Play 41 Logitech USB Headset H530Michael Feldbush00:01:41
Play 42 Logitech USB Desktop MicrophoneLiberty Stump00:01:30
Play 43 Microsoft Life Chat LX-3000Frank Booker00:01:33
Play 44 Motorola Droid XMichael Feldbush00:01:43
Play 45 MXL.009 on Dell laptopRon Altman00:01:49
Play 46 MXL VO: 1-ADavid Cummings00:01:41
Play 47 MXL2003a - LDCbish00:01:19
Play 48 MXL440Mark Finfrock00:01:30
Play 49 MXL990Mark Finfrock00:01:29
Play 50 MXL Studio1Lewis00:01:40
Play 51 MXL V67G thru Focusrite Scarlett interfaceswsmith00:01:37
Play 52 MXL V69ME (Mogami Edition)bish00:01:24
Play 53 MXLV87Mark Finfrock00:01:30
Play 54 Olympus-VN-3100PC_SJS Digital Voice RecorderScottJSmith00:01:49
Play 55 Olympus WS400SAlgy Pug00:01:28
Play 56 Olympus WS400S with external microphoneAlgy Pug00:01:40
Play 57 Palm Pre smartphonefrank k00:01:54
Play 58 Phillips Gogear Vibe MP4 playerCarol Box00:01:43
Play 59 Plantronics 995H USB Wireless HeadsetElanor00:01:30
Play 60 PlantronicsBeth Thomas00:01:07
Play 61 Plantronics Audio 655 DSPKristen Schaugaard-Green00:01:38
Play 62 Prosound USB2 HQJustine Walmsley00:01:33
Play 63 Pulsar II M-Audioswsmith00:01:37
Play 64 Radio Shack Vocal DynamicMark Finfrock00:01:24
Play 65 Razer CarchariasLiberty Stump00:01:32
Play 66 RCA 5320R Digital Voice RecorderJair00:01:03
Play 67 Revolabs 01-EXEMICEX-BLK-11 Solo Microphone, RF-Armor Wearable Lapel StyleWarren Jones00:01:33
Play 68 Rode NT1ABruce Pirie00:01:36
Play 69 Rode PodcasterBeth Thomas00:01:03
Play 70 Samson C01UScottJSmith00:01:56
Play 71 Samson C01UBev J Stevens00:01:36
Play 72 Samson C01URhonda Federman00:01:39
Play 73 Samson GoMicDenny Sayers (d. 2015)00:01:47
Play 74 Samson Q1UChuck_Wagner00:01:31
Play 75 Samson Q1URuth Golding00:01:38
Play 76 Samson Q1UTriciaG00:01:29
Play 77 Samsung laptop SF310chigozie00:01:55
Play 78 Sansa Clip+ MP3 playerRuth Golding00:01:48
Play 79 Sansa Fuze mp3 - 4 GBChris Caron00:01:13
Play 80 Cardo Scala RiderDavid Richardson00:01:40
Play 81 Sennheiser PC146 USB headset microphoneAlgy Pug00:01:27
Play 82 Shure Beta 58 microphone into a Marantz Professional PMD 660 recorderBob Gonzalez00:01:55
Play 83 Shure PG58 dynamic mic with Behringer preamp through a Focusrite Scarlett interfaceswsmith00:01:37
Play 84 Sly USB MP3 Player 2 GB with Voice RecorderWarren Jones00:01:31
Play 85 Sony DCR-PCE8E PAL Mini-DV camerathebicyclethief00:01:56
Play 86 Sony F-V100 microphoneChris Caron00:01:20
Play 87 toshiba satellite L640 series laptop built in micfrank k00:01:50
Play 88 Transcontinental Studios analog karaoke machineBev J Stevens00:01:37
Play 89 Unspecified monarual microphone connected through 3.5 mm audio jackFrank Booker00:01:36
Play 90 USB Blaster USB390 headsetErnst Schnell00:01:30
Play 91 USB Logitech N231Chris Caron00:01:22
Play 92 V88 MXL large diaphragmbish00:01:18
Play 93 Windows 7 laptop internal micChris Caron00:01:22
Play 94 Windows Vista Laptop's internal microphone - 2Chris Caron00:01:21
Play 95 Zoom H2Esther00:01:19
Play 96 Zoom H2swsmith00:01:37
Play 97 Zoom h2 built in front mic (90deg)frank k00:01:42
Play 98 Zoom h2 built in rear mic (120 deg)frank k00:01:45
Play 99 Zoom H4 digital recordernoelma00:01:49
Play 100 Zoom H4N digital recorderAlgy Pug00:01:28


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