How To Fix Weak Voice or Cheap Microphone With Audacity

 “How To Make Your Voice Sound Better (Secrets Revealed)”

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If you have Noise Reduction that will help a lot. Cheap mics tend to have very little low end (bass), so you can raise that a bit, probably in the 100 to 300Hz range.

A touch of light reverb will make a big difference too and cover a multitude of sins.

If you want that big theatre announcer type voice, consider Effects / Pitch / Shift and drop the pitch of the recording a few semitones. That will slow it down a tad and make it more bass.

 a cheat that can fatten up the voice a bit. Give the EQ a boost in the 100hz range. Then use normalize with the Very loud! preset. Of course, if noise is a problem it may not work too well. I use this when boosting wimpy voices, but the recording is done in a booth lined with auralex, so noise is no problem.

Beware of adding too much bass. Some mics, especially cheap ones, are susceptible to breath pops. (aka, plosives) It won't hurt to start rolling off the low end (bass) just below the point you've boosted it as described above . Keeps it from getting "boomy"

Roll off the highs starting at arourd 10,000Hz

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How to Improve Your Voice from a Cheap Microphone with Audacity

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